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It is generally never a good idea to be active on social media during your divorce case since your posts can easily come back to haunt you and derail your chances at obtaining a favorable settlement. When it comes to child custody, it can have both an emotional and legal impact to your case. Remember, this legal battle is likely going to touch your life in every possible way and even affect the way you interact with others around you. Social media is a form of interaction and, if you continue to use it, you might inadvertently get yourself involved in legal trouble as a result of your posts.

Here are some ways in which social media can affect your child custody case:

  • You might contradict yourself: If you think your social posts do not count as evidence, think again. Anything you post can be used against you, which is particularly true of something you post online directly contradicts a recorded legal statement you made.
  • Your posts can be misleading: Social media is rarely an accurate reflection of real life. We tend to present a well-crafted image of ourselves to make people perceive us a certain way. If you want people to think you have a fun social life, you might post pictures of you and friends having a few drinks at a cool bar. Unfortunately, this can be used against you as evidence of excessive alcohol use or an irresponsible lifestyle.
  • The emotional content: You are in the midst of a child custody case and this is undoubtedly an overwhelming time, but if you post your emotional rant about your ex, or your case in general, on social media it will backfire on you. Vent to a trusted friend instead.
  • Your new relationships might get you in trouble: Oftentimes, people begin dating after their divorce. Obviously, this is fine, but if you post on your dating profile that you are single with no kids, or looking for a hook-up, this will look pretty bad in a courtroom.

If you continue to use social media throughout your child custody case, it would be wise to at least exercise some caution and good judgment. Ask yourself if you would mind a judge seeing your post and, if the answer is yes or if you are not sure, do not post it. Better safe than sorry.

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