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You need to know where your spouse is in order to serve him/her the divorce paperwork. If you cannot locate them, then we cannot take your case. Also, if your later find out that your spouse moved away and is no longer available and/or becomes uncooperative, you must dismiss us and hire another law firm to represent you. So, how do you locate your spouse?

The more information you have, such as social security number, date of birth, full first, middle and last name, the better. There are several lower-cost alternatives. You can try any or all of these solutions: You can have the divorce paperwork delivered to your spouse indirectly through another person, as long as they can get your spouse's signature. The other person doesn't have to tell you where your spouse is located. Or, talk to your spouse's past and current friends, family, employer, business associates, landlord, clergy, and acquaintances. Visit where they often go (the gym, a pub, dance class, cake-decorating class... you get the point). Check the telephone directory, directory assistance, the local support court, the social security office, the US. Postal Service address service (call them, not us), and last but not least, the internet. There are several websites that offer to locate people for a fee. You can also hire a private investigator. Last and most expensively, you can hire a full-service law firm to accept your case. They will conduct an investigation and may have to do advertising in several newspapers. The additional requirements will mean you'll have to wait longer and pay much more for your divorce, so it's best to try to locate your spouse. If you can locate your spouse and your spouse is cooperative, then $299 is all it would cost for your divorce, including all court costs.

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