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When it comes to changing your name, this is ultimately a decision only you can make. Some women may choose to go back to their maiden name, and some will even select a new last name for themselves, perhaps from a dear relative for instance. This is a choice that will require a great deal of thought.

Then if you have kids, you have to think about their last names too. Should they keep their current last name? Should you hyphenate your maiden name with your ex's last name? Deciding on a name is one thing; making sure that there aren't complications with medical records, emergency contacts, and other information will require further work.

If choose to go with a name change, here are some tips to help you make the transition:

  • Be superbly organized, making sure that schools, health care providers, physicians, the postal office, insurers, relatives, etc. are all notified about any name changes. You should probably keep a growing list of everyone who needs to know, and whom you have already contacted.
  • Be prepared for the strong opinions headed your way. Yes, attitudes and policies are changing, but a non-traditional name change could still fire up some unasked for responses.
  • Sit down with relatives and friends in light of this, so you can detail why you made your choice.
  • Double check that all changes went through, contacting the offices and personnel to ensure that all names are now accurate.
  • Correct people who use the wrong name. This will head off any misunderstanding, helping everyone to adjust to the new name as soon as possible.

To get the legal expertise that you deserve on your side, contact Cairns Law Offices today to learn more about how our Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can guide you through the entire process.

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