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Though rarely used, one type of divorce a couple can get is a fault divorce. This will demand a great deal in legal costs, as well create legal complexity. The spouse who files for divorce not only has to prove that the other spouse is to blame for the marriage dissolving (such as through adultery, lengthy imprisonment, domestic violence, etc.), but the filing spouse also to prove that they themselves are innocent. This stressful and expensive divorce is further a drain on one's time.

You could also file for a divorce if your spouse has been in a mental hospital for the prior 18 months, and is not expected to recover for at minimum 18 additional months.

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A no-fault divorce is generally the way to go, but only in the case of an uncontested divorce. There are in fact two different types of no-fault divorce: mutual consent divorce, and a two-year separation divorce. In the two-year separation divorce, only one spouse wants to separate. If one spouse won't sign the papers, the spouses can separate for two years, and the spouse who wants the no-fault divorce can file again. If the other spouse again denies the divorce, then the matter will go before a court to see if the divorce should be finalized or not.

Finally, in a mutual consent, or an uncontested divorce, both partners agree to part ways. Most divorcing couples are able to achieve this swift and amicable split. In this type of divorce, a couple can get their divorce in a matter of about three months, creating their own child custody and property division settlements, instead of leaving these vital matters to a judge.

In order to save yourself needless trauma, and to cut down on the needlessly extreme costs of a divorce, you can find the legal help you deserve at Cairns Law Offices. Here, our Pennsylvania no-fault divorce attorney utilizes technology to work with each client to reach a divorce that is unrivalled in affordability and speed. Learn more about how our unique system can help you get a thorough divorce within a month! Call our legal team today!

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