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The divorce case of actress, Laura Dern and musician, Ben Harper has been ongoing. Harper originally filed for the ending of the marriage back in October of 2010, stating irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. At that point, the couple had already been separate as of January, as was noted in the court documents for the case. Dern and Harper married in 2005 and had two children together.

While the original filling for the divorce was in 2010, the couple made an attempt to reconcile in 2012. The reconciliation was unsuccessful and they have finally moved forward with the case. Dern filed the response to the original petition after the failed reconciliation, demanding in it that she receive primary physical custody over the two children shared by the couple. Recently it was stated that the judge in the case signed the petition and that the case has come to a close. The details of the final settlement have not been released. It is believed that neither party received spousal support, minimal child support was given to Dern and that joint custody was given, though Dern will have physical custody of the children more often than Harper.

Through a divorce, some couples are able to work together to reach an agreement. While there are many big decisions being made at this point, the benefits of working together can often far out way the negatives. Couples are able to have their say in the results, instead of leaving it up to the court. When children are involved it can also provide for a smoother transition, with less hostility and a drawn out battle. You can find out about the services that our Pennsylvania uncontested divorce lawyer offers by exploring our site or contacting our office.

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