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Recent trends have shown that the improvement of the economy is having a large impact around the country, and may also be influencing relationships. The connection has been drawn that more people are choosing to end their marriage and this may be due to the fact that they now have the means to make this decision.

During a bad economy it is often necessary to make hard choices and for some people that could have been remaining in a marriage that they no longer wanted to be in. Now that couples may have a greater source of income or if a spouse that wanted to leave now found a job to support themselves, these couples may be able to consider the option of a divorce.

The housing market has also improved and this allows couples to split this cost, rather than selling for a significantly lower amount than they may have not too long ago. Further investigation into this matter of a lower divorce rate during a poor economy has also found that other countries may have faced similar issues as well. For many couples, the financial stress that they dealt with may have also been a factor that pushed them closer to wanting to file for divorce. If they are more financially well off then it can put the choice in their hands of what they wish to do.

An uncontested divorce is often a more affordable way to go about ending a marriage and for those who have been limited from making this decision due to the financial impact, our firm offers great options to overcome this obstacle. Get in touch with our Pennsylvania uncontested divorce attorney for more information or explore our site, including our simple and affordable way to start filing.

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