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The case of George Zimmerman was one that made headlines and gained extreme attention all across the nation. After being charged for the death of Trayvon Martin, his murder trial came to a close with him being acquitted. The trial was a difficult time for many, including the wife of Zimmerman. Since he was let go, it seems that another area of his life has begun to spiral.

His wife of seven years, Shellie Zimmerman, is now seeking a divorce. She recently allowed for an interview with ABC and stated that since he had been acquitted, he had only spent a few nights at their house and that they had actually separated back in the middle of August. She stated that that she believed her husband was a selfish person, thinking primarily of himself and that this was one of her reasons for choosing to end the marriage. Shellie discussed the toll that the trial took on her life and believes that since the time he was acquitted he has acted somewhat recklessly.

In the divorce she will be seeking the sole possession of the couple's two dogs. She believes that this will be a time for her to start focusing on herself and has said that she is finally beginning to feel empowered; something that she has not felt in a long time. There has been little said on the side of George Zimmerman so those watching the case are not certain what his take on the matter is. More on the story can be found here.

Filing for divorce can be a challenging process but for some, it is the step they need to move towards a brighter future. If you are considering this option, learn more about the benefits of hiring our divorce attorney in Pennsylvania.

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