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Divorce dramatically changes your life. Often the economics of divorce can inflict the biggest wounds, as finances shift downward. KT Tunstall (singer, songwriter and guitarist) stunned the world when she announced that she was homeless after her divorce.

After four years of marriage, Tunstall found herself in London's High Court divorced by Judge Susannah Walker. The divorce was granted on the grounds of a broken marriage due to Tunstall's unreasonable behavior. Details of her unreasonable behavior have not been released, but the judge did state that her former husband, Luke Bullen, could not be expected to live with her due to her unreasonable behavior. In addition to having her marriage dissolved, Tunstall found herself being ordered to pay legal costs involved with the divorce.

Tunstall stated she felt like a rock-n-roll cliché, having had it all and now having lost everything. She has sold her car and extravagant house and now has the challenge of figuring out where she will live. Most of her personal possessions are now gone.

Tunstall and Bullen began dating in 2003 and by 2008 married on the Isle of Skye, in west Scotland. Before their wedding, Tunstall had hired Bullen as a drummer. This past March the couple publicly announced their split.

Tunstall has endured her share of hardships. She was born to a half- Chinese half- Scottish mother and an Irish father. At the age of eighteen days old she was adopted by a different family. She has never met her biological father.

In 2007, Tunstall had kidney surgery. She had an underdeveloped kidney due to a childhood infection. During 2010 she publicly disowned David Orr, her biological mother's husband, who has a history of racism and being verbally abusive towards her biological mother.

At the age of seventy-three, her adopted father passed away from Parkinson's Disease. She credits her father's passing with giving her the courage to leave her marriage. His death reminded her to take an honest look at her life.

In 2004, Tunstall became a sensation with a platinum album. Her album Eye to the Telescopesold over four million copies worldwide. By 2006, she had earned three nominations in the BRIT Awards and got the award for British Female Solo Artist. In 2007 and 2008 she was nominated for a Grammy.

This June she plans on releasing her fifth album Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. Tunstall posted on her Facebook page that she will be releasing a single ballad titled Feel It All. Perhaps an apt title for the newly divorced Tunstall.

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