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It's official, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have finalized their divorce. After twelve years of marriage and two years of separation, the Los Angeles Superior Court officially dissolved their marriage.

Both Cox and Arquette claim to have an amicable divorce. They have praised each other in public and claim that they still love each other and are best friends, but have just grown apart. Also, both parents have filed for shared physical and legal custody of their eight year old daughter, Coco. Cox and Arquette have both committed to being friends and co-parenting their daughter together. As an interesting side note, Jennifer Aniston is Coco's godmother.

The couple has a history of compromise, even when it came to their daughter's name – Coco. Cox wanted to keep the girl's name the same as hers, as is tradition in her southern roots. Arquette being Jewish, could not name his daughter after a living being. They compromised and named their daughter after her mother's nickname Mama Coco.

Cox and Arquette met each other on the movie set of Scream, back in 1996. Arquette played the role of her love interest in the movie. Scream 4 was released the year following their announced separation.

Three years after they met the couple married. Their marriage took place in San Francisco at Grace Cathedral. Reverend Douglass Carpenter, from Cox's hometown, married the couple in front of two hundred guests. Some of the celebrity guests included Nicolas Cage, Lisa Kudrow, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Their honeymoon took place in Anguilla at Cap Juluca. Anguilla is a Caribbean island, east of Puerto Rico, with pristine beaches and a fusion of several culinary traditions. If you were wondering prices, for Cap Juluca range from $8,000 to $600 a night.

Born in a suburb of Alabama, Cox left her architecture studies behind to pursue modeling and acting. Some of you may remember Cox on Family Ties when she played the role of Michael J. Fox's girlfriend. Cox became best known in her role as Monica in the television series Friends, which lasted ten seasons. A little known fact, Cox had auditioned for the role of Rachel but was instead cast as Monica.

She later earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in CougarTown. In addition, Cox owns a production company named Coquette Productions. Last year Cox directed and appeared in a Lifetime movie titled Talhotblond.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette show that life after divorce can be amicable and productive, even in this age of rocky celebrity relationships.

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