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During your marital settlement agreement negotiations, you may be saying one thing, but your body language may be saying something else. Being aware of your body language and the signals it is sending during an uncontested divorce can help you get to your goals faster. You don't want to be sending mixed signals and steal power from your words.

Start with your face. Are you smiling when you communicate with your spouse? Researchers have stated that the mere act of smiling releases endorphins, which makes you happy. An added bonus is that when you smile you tend to look younger.

Consider your eyes, also known as the "windows to your soul". Are the muscles around your eyes tight? Are you squinting? Squinting eyes or rubbing your eyes can convey that you are lying or hiding something. Closing your eyes often during your marital settlement agreement negotiation tends to send the message you are ignoring your spouse and what he or she is saying.

Being conscious of the tension in your face and making an effort to relax your face is a good way to get your body to relax. Be aware of the position of your head. Lowering your head frequently can send the message that you're hiding something.

Try to keep your arms loose. Crossed arms can send the signal of you being flexible during your martial settlement agreement negotiations. Try not to clasp your arms in front of you. In the case you find yourself not knowing what to do with your arms clasp them behind you. Be aware of how you are holding your hands.

Posture can play an important role. Slouching gives the appearance that you are less important, not to mention your body may experience a rise in feelings of depression. Poor posture can lead to several health problems such as tension headaches. You are already going to feel the pressure during your settlement negotiations, why not try to reduce the likelihood of walking out with a headache.

Look at your spouse's body language. What is her or she communicating outside the words he or she is saying? If your spouse wears glasses and is frowning while pushing them up his or her nose, this could be a sign of disagreement. A spouse who brushes their hair back can be saying that he or she disagrees with you.

Remembering the signals of body language should not add to your stress. Even though you are going through an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce, you are already feeling enough stress. Body language tips can help your marital settlement agreement negotiations run smoother and decrease stress. If you are well prepared and did your homework before showing up to negotiate, the added layer of confidence that good body language brings you will help.

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