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Infidelity in a relationship is no longer only recognized as sexual, but can also be emotional. A marriage which experiences infidelity is not circumscribed to physical contact. In fact, a spouse who is a victim of emotional infidelity can suffer through a longer recovery period than someone one whose spouse had sexual relations with another person.

When the level of emotional intimacy has been impacted between spouses, a breach in trust has been created. Offenders may try to justify the relationship by stating there was no physical contact. Nonetheless, the deceit and secrecy can leave a lasting scar and catapult marriages into uncontested divorces.

There are some signs which can demonstrate your spouse is being emotionally unfaithful. Observe if your spouse has changed his or her appearance and on what occasions. Do you suspect that your spouse is "dressing up" to when around another person? Has your spouse recently added new clothing to his or her wardrobe and is consistently using them to meet someone else? Is there a new fragrance he or she has been wearing?

Watch your spouse's behavior when he or she interacts with the suspected person. Does your spouse appear to be demonstrating an unusual increase in excitement, happiness or joy due to this other person? Does your spouse show signs of someone who has just fallen in love?

How does your spouse react around the other person? Does he or she do things to get attention from this person? Is there a change in voice? Does his or her voice sound flirtatious?

How open has your spouse been with you about the relationship that you suspect? Do you feel that there is some level of secrecy? Is your spouse going to someone else for emotional support? Does your spouse share things with another person that he or she is not sharing with you?

How has technology and this other person affecting your marriage? Do you find your spouse checking his phone or social media circles more often than normal? Has your spouse suddenly turned into a Facebook junkie? Does your spouse jump like a bolt of lightening when the phone rings?

Reflect on how this outside person may be affecting the communication level between you and your spouse. Is your spouse more defensive; getting into an argument easily with you? Is there tension in your home due to the "elephant in the room" that is not being addressed?

A spouse may try to turn the tables on you and make you feel bad for suspecting infidelity. He or she may state that it's a harmless relationship, or that nothing is going on. Some spouses may increase the amount of fights he or she engages in with their wife or husband.

Emotional infidelity can often lead to physical infidelity. Some of the above signs can bode the end of a marriage. When you start feeling more like a housemate than a wife or husband you may want to start answering some of the above questions.

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