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Going through an uncontested divorce can be stressful, and adding a stressful job to the mix can create havoc with your body and mind. Prolonged stress can result in a whole host of health issues. Researchers state that over seventy-five percent of medical visits are due to stress.

Keep a work stress journal. For one week write down incidences which caused you stress at your job. At the end of the week pick one stressful situation you would like to work on. Try to figure out how you can reduce the stress level in that particular situation. For example, if you are arriving late to work due to obligations with your child, see if you can get someone to help drop off your child at school so you can be on time to work.

Inspect your job expectations. Are you a perfectionist? If so, let it go. Do your best and move on, because you will never be perfect. Setting realistic goals also helps you to feel successful at your job.

Make sure you are taking breaks. Walking away from your work for even just fifteen minutes a day can give you a fresh perspective when you return. In addition, moving improves your circulation and can help alleviate back problems if you are sitting most of the day.

Change your viewpoint. This will help manage your reactions and see incidents as less stressful. Sometimes it helps to get an outside point of view.

Positive reinforcement can help you see situations in a better light and make you feel better. If your workplace doesn't offer employee appreciation incentives you can create your own. An option can be to treat yourself to a massage at the end of the week as a reward for managing your stress – in turn reduce stress even further.

Communicate with your employer. If you are feeling overwhelmed with additional job responsibilities, perhaps a conversation can help lower the stressful workload. Your employer may be able to help you prioritize responsibilities while also becoming aware of your situation.

Incorporate some levity into your workday. Look for humor, laughing is a great way to relieve stress. There are websites which will send you a joke a day to your email box. Make sure your jokes and moments of laughter are acceptable in a professional environment.

Taking care of yourself will help ease the tension you are feeling at work. First and foremost, make sure you are getting enough sleep. Pay attention to your diet- what types of foods are you snacking on? Daily exercise, even walking for a few minutes a day, can help you to maintain a healthy balance.

If you feel you need additional assistance in managing stress in your workplace, you may want to consider seeing a qualified therapist or career coach.

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