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A Pennsylvania uncontested divorce might just serve Jennifer Lopez's interest, if she qualified for one.

Superstar Jennifer Lopez is no stranger when it comes to divorce and the ill effects of her personal life spilling over into her public life. Her marriages and especially her divorces have created headlines internationally. Yet, the divorce of her parents has been something which she has been careful to protect.

The native New Yorker decided to open up about her parents' divorce and how it affected her. On a trip back to her childhood home in the Bronx, accompanied by her long time manager (Benny Medina), Lopez allowed herself a trip back into her past.

Memories started to slowly stir up as she recounted some of her childhood. She talked about her school and the route she walked to and from there. She was asked if she wanted to knock on the door and see if she could go inside. Lopez refused the offer, stating the last time she was in the house her parents told her that they were on the road to divorce.

Lopez recounts that after thirty-three years of marriage her parents let her know that they were getting separated. She admitted to being nervous about returning to memory lane. Her apprehension seemed to be emotionally based as she stated she didn't know how she would react. At the time she stated that it was not easy returning to her childhood home.

She attributes her strength and work ethic to her neighborhood and parents. Lopez states that both her parents worked really hard, her mother sold Tupperware and worked at the school while her father worked nights. Her sense of discipline and not wanting to let them down came from watching how hard they worked.

Jennifer Lopez has been divorced three times. Her first divorce is still causing her legal problems. Currently, she is legally battling over a compromising video made during her honeymoon with her first husband, Ojani Noa. They previously battled over the publication of a book about their marriage that Noa had written. After a year the court issued an injunction forbidding Noa from publishing the book. In addition, Lopez was awarded over half a million dollars in damages.

Her marriage to her back-up dancer, Chris Judd, lasted for one year. She went on to marry Marc Anthony and by 2012 Anthony had filed for divorce. Currently Lopez is a relationship with another back-up dancer, Casper Smart.

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