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CairnsLaw Offices has developed "The Divorce Wizard" to help couples get their Pennsylvania uncontested, no fault, simple divorce in a cheap, fast, and easy manner. But what about a "Fairy god-mother of divorces"?

Cinderella needed the help of a fairy god-mother to get her prince. Now, modern women are finding the help of a different kind of fairy god-mother when they realize that their prince charming wasn't what they had hoped for when they got married. Nicole Noonan has been dubbed the "fairy god-mother of divorcees".

Noonan is a divorce financier who is lending money to people who have assets, but not the cash to get them through a divorce. Her job is to loan money to people who are going through a divorce in order to pay for their immediate expenses including a quality divorce lawyer.

Supporters of Noonan have stated they were able to negotiate the terms of their marital settlement agreement instead of settling for what the opposing party offered. Often persons going through a divorce find themselves in a financially insecure place. Expenses such as new place to live and divorce attorney fees can pressure people into taking whatever marital settlement comes along so they can economically survive.

There are concerns that come along with suddenly finding financial support. Some divorcing parties may go for a full contested divorce and drag out their divorce for several years. Negotiations in their best interest, immediate and future, could be damaged by the new money to which they now have access. In addition, there is the potential for a dragged out contested divorce becoming a greater financial burden than an uncontested divorce such as can be obtained in Pennsylvania.

The New York based company Noonan works for (BBL Churchill) has been getting been getting significant media coverage. Top media coverage has included The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and several spots in Huffington Post. In addition, they have not only attracted millionaires, but claim to attract the everyday person going through a divorce.

There are three minimum requirements for becoming a client of the "Divorce Fairy":

  1. Your marriage must have lasted at least one year;
  2. A qualified divorce attorney must represent you; and
  3. Your joint net assets must be at least four hundred thousand dollars.

Once your complete application and paperwork have been received, the turn around is generally quick. Most potential clients have an answer within two business days. Depending on your financial needs you can borrow anywhere from two thousand to a million dollars. The average loan has been reported to be around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

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