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In a recent infographic, reported on the "great divide," where they collected nationwide divorce statistics from various resources such as and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to, approximately 45% of marriages in the United States will eventually result in divorce; however, what happens to nearly half the population truly does affect us all. Whether you're the one who is divorced, or if you're the child of separated parents, or if you're happily married, it's likely that your own life has been impacted by divorce in unexpected ways.

The infographic developed by points out some interesting facts about divorce in America. For instance, 66% of women are the ones who initiate divorce. While there are a number of reasons for this disparity, it is believed that factors such as spousal abuse and child custody are some of the common denominators as to why women tend to file more than men.

Another interesting fact is that white women initiate divorce more than any other race, and white women are more likely to get a divorce where they have high levels of economic independence and where their choice to get a divorce will be socially accepted among their family and friends. In contrast, foreign-born Hispanic women, followed by black women are the least likely to initiate divorce proceedings.

According to, while the national average of divorce remains relatively constant, as an individual, your chances of getting a divorce are tied into a handful of factors which you have little control over, and these include:

  • If you have an annual income over $50,000, you're 30% less likely to get divorced over someone with a $25,000 annual income.
  • If you have a college education, you're 25% less likely to get a divorce over someone with no college education.
  • If you had a baby after marriage, you are 24% less likely to get a divorce over someone who had a baby before marriage.
  • If you were married after the age of 25, then you are 24% less likely to get divorced than someone who got married under the age of 18.

Where you live can contribute to your likelihood of getting a divorce as well. For example, those who live on the West Coast are far more likely to get a divorce than those who live in the central region of the country. Some of the highest concentrations of divorce are in California, Nevada, Oregon and parts of Florida.

While the information collected by uses statistics collected from nationwide research, they do not necessarily reflect your own experiences or divorce. To view the entire infographic created by, please click here. If you are contemplating divorce or if you have already made the decision to file, we urge you to contact a Pennsylvania no fault divorce attorney from the Cairns Law Offices, where you can obtain a quick, easy and cheap divorce.

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