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After nineteen years of marriage, headlines across the globe are reporting of Billy Ray Cyrus' looming divorce. Tish Cyrus has filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. This divorce has the potential of becoming a full blown out contested divorce.

Tish Cyrus has asked for full legal and physical custody of their youngest child, Noah. Thirteen year old Noah reacted by getting on Twitter and asking fans to pray for the family. In addition, Tish Cyrus wants Billy Ray Cyrus to pay for all legal fees and spousal support.

Tweets from the Cyrus family have also come from Tish Cyrus. She has asked God for support and thanked her fans. On the other hand, Billy Ray Cyrus has decided to stay off the social media circuit. His daughter Miley put out a tweet to her father, but he didn't respond and she ended up deleting it.

This isn't the first time that the Cyrus' marriage has been challenged. Only three years ago, Billy Ray Cyrus had filed for divorce. Later he dropped the filing in order to work out his marriage. Billy Ray Cyrus had publicly stated that their communication had improved and that their relationship was at a peak.

During the last challenging episode in the Cyrus' marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus blamed the show Hannah Montana for the demise of his marriage. He went as far as to outright state that the show had destroyed his family.

As with many current celebrities that are divorcing, the Cyrus family has stated that they would like to keep their divorce a private matter. They made a joint statement that they want to create a resolution which is in the best interest of their family. They have five children together, including the singer-actress Miley Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus has had divorce in his past. At the age of five his parents filed for divorce. In addition, he was previously married to Cindy Smith (1986-1991), with whom he co-wrote songs.

Fifty-one year old Billy Ray Cyrus achieved worldwide fame with his song Achy Breaky Heart and received triple Platinum status in Australia with his song. The same song was translated in over one hundred languages. The video which accompanies this song made line dancing a global sensation.

He has released forty-four singles since his hit in 1992. In addition, Billy Ray Cyrus created twelve studio albums since his worldwide hit. In 2005 he co-starred in Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley. In October of last year he released an album named Change My Mind.

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