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As the rate of baby boomers divorcing is increasing in cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so are the issues surrounding uncontested divorces. Traditionally, adult children have anticipated that their parents will experience health problems, but they often don't imagine having to run between two different homes to take care of their parents. Other topics of concern for divorced baby boomers include finances and social issues such as isolation and loneliness.

With the dynamics of the modern family constantly changing, baby boomers are finding themselves without the family safety net they once envisioned in their golden years. Many adult children have moved from their hometowns to places such as Harrisburg and Philadelphia (many in search of jobs), are dealing with their own restructured families from divorce, and don't have the income to fully support two divorced parents. In an era with adults working longer hours, sometime two jobs, in order to meet their financial obligations, time becomes a factor. Adult children can find their time being spread thin with having to spend time individually with each parent, instead of being able to visit them together.

Additional factors also come into play for adult children taking care of divorced parents. The number of siblings willing to help can become or an issue. If the person is an only child the burden of responsibility can be even greater. Adult children dealing with parents who have multiple marriages can compound future issues. This is especially true if a parent and step-parent become ill. If other step-children refuse to play a significant role in caretaking, difficult decisions often need to be made regarding long-term health.

Baby boomers who previously relied on their spouse for support are now often relying on the help of local and federal government. Statistics have stated that a single baby boomer is five times more likely to live in poverty than married individuals from the same generation. Also, this same group is three times more likely to receive public assistance.

This phenomenon has affected not only individuals in the U.S., but is also spanning the globe in areas such as Thailand. By 2050, for the first time in world history, the world will be home to a higher number of older people than young people under the age of fifteen. With individuals living longer lives, the developments and issues surrounding uncontested divorces for older generations will continue to grow.

Baby boomers who are considering divorce are strongly urged to have a solid marital settlement agreement. A marital settlement agreement can help ensure financial longevity and safety.

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