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Divorce clients can be in a very vulnerable position. Emotions are often unsteady, and a good divorce lawyer can be a big help. A bad divorce lawyer can be a client's worst nightmare. An example of this is Thomas P. Lowe, age fifty-eight, is now a suspended divorce lawyer who billed his client for having sex with her. The Minnesota Supreme Court has suspended his right to practice law for at least the next fifteen months.

Last week it was revealed that the married lawyer was engaging in sexual activity with a client he met in 2011. The six month affair began after Lowe complimented his client on her appearances and discussed her sex life. Lowe was so bold to then out right ask her if she would have sex with him. Then the now suspended attorney billed his sexual affairs as either drafting memos or meetings.

In a reported attempt to save his own marriage Lowe broke off the relationship with client. He claimed that the break up occurred after a series of arguments with his client. After he broke off the affair with the female she attempted suicide. The client has a past history of mental health issues and abuse.

During her hospitalization the truth about their relationship was revealed. Lowe denied the charges for several months, but eventually did admit to his wrong doing. This is not the first time that Lowe has broken the law. He has been previously placed on probation for buying cocaine from a client in 1997.

Uncontested divorce can leave individuals vulnerable. Some clients may start to develop feelings for their divorce attorney because they feel he or she is someone that understands them and what they are going through. It's easy to picture a divorce attorney as caring, compassionate and resourceful in a time of personal crises.

Charlotte, from Sex in the City, had a fairy tale ending with her divorce lawyer, Harry. Her case was exceptional when she found true love across her divorce attorney's desk. Most often these relationships end in disaster for both the attorney and his or her client.

The relationship between an attorney and a client is considered unequal. Therefore, any sexual relationship between the two may be considered to involve unfair exploitation. In addition, due to the nature of emotional involvement the client risks having impaired representation. At no time is a sexual relationship between an uncontested divorce lawyer and his client acceptable.

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