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A startling fact: India has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and is the second leading cause of death.

From data gathered during this decade divorce has had an impact on suicide. Early reports in the 2000's demonstrated a trend of Indian women being less prone to commit suicide because of divorce becoming more socially acceptable. This year new documentation shows that suicide due to divorce is now increasing.

Data gathered in 2001 & 2003

Traditionally Indian women have felt trapped in marriages, with divorce being taboo. Many women have been raised to endure the hardships of marriage and are expected to never relinquish their role as wife. Some of the reasons women have seen suicide as their last resort include: marital conflict, depression and domestic violence.

Compared to married women, Indian women who are divorced, separated or widowed have a lower probability of committing suicide. Divorce does not hold the stigmatisms as it did in the past, though not acceptable as it is in western countries. As Indian women become more educated and exposed to the western world social norms are changing. Females no longer feel that suicide is their only alternative to an unhappy marriage.

Data from 2011

The Times Of India has just released new findings about divorce and suicide. This newspaper referenced 2011 Indian National Crime Record Bureau as stating that suicides due to divorce are on the upswing. Though more men then women are committing suicide due to divorce. The greater number of men committing suicide is attributed to them not expressing themselves and containing their feelings.

The number one cause of suicide in India is death through consumption of pesticides followed by hanging and burns. The majority of overall suicides occurs in ages 15-29 and are usually women. Although the World Health Organization has stated that there are 170,000 Indians die due to suicide each year, little has been done to understand and prevent suicides.

The Ministry of Health of Government of India is currently revisiting the National Mental Health Program. Some effective measures which could make a difference include reducing the number of pesticides sold, access to prevention programs and public health campaigns.

Suicide should never be an alternative to divorce. If you are ready to leave behind a dysfunctional relationship contact Attorney James Cairns at 888.863.9115 or click START NOW to get started right away.

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