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The general public is normally taken by surprise when the long marriage of a celebrity comes to an end. Michael Moore, the champion of the common guy, has filed for divorce from his wife, Kathleen Glynn. After twenty one years of marriage, the couple find themselves dissolving their union.

Fifty-nine year old Moore filed a divorce complaint in Antrim, Michigan. The grounds were due to the breakdown of the marriage and no reasonable grounds for amending the relationship. Moore stated that the couple no longer resided together in their home on Torch Lake.

A final divorce hearing is set for September of this year. Moore's estimated worth is currently around fifty million dollars. The divorce seems to be headed for a heated, contested divorce. Unfortunately, not all divorces are fast, easy, uncontested divorces that only cost $209.

Moore has already requested a restraining order, barring Glynn from selling any of their joint assets until a marital settlement agreement is reached. This includes not selling their martial homes, valued at around two million dollars. With a marriage that didn't produce any heirs, the division of assets has the potential to become an all-out battle.

His wife Glynn has played a prominent role in the acquisition of their marital wealth. She was his principal producing partner starting with his television work, and then went on to support the work of his documentaries. Some of the documentaries she helped produce include: Bowling for Columbine, Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11. In addition, they co-authored the book Adventures in a TV Nation.

Moore isn't taking any chances when it comes to the marital estate. In addition to the restraining order, he has hired a heavy hitting law firm. The Michigan law firm of Joseph Aviv and Jason R. Able of Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn will be representing Moore during his divorce.

The couple founded and hosts the annual Traverse City Film Festival, scheduled to begin this year on July 30 th. The Traverse City Film Festival mission is to show movies which are entertaining and enlightening. This film festival has grown to become one of the largest film festivals in the Midwest, and one of the most respected in the country. It will be interesting to see how Moore and Glynn handle the Traverse City Film Festival this year. If you are on a budget but want to attend, you can volunteer and get free movie tickets. Also, there will be open air movies for the general public, free of charge.

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