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There are many strange and fascinating facts about divorce. Some make us laugh, others make us glad we live in a different era or culture. A few of these facts may give you pause as pause as you reflect on your own uncontested divorce.

  1. Couples in Republican dominated states tend to have a higher divorce rate than Democratic states.
  2. Not until 1997 was divorce permitted in Ireland.
  3. During the eighteenth century, cheating husbands had to wear horse blinders in order not to notice women, which was reported to be effective.
  4. When couples face economic hardship, they are more likely to try to work out their marital problems.
  5. In the ancient country of Chaldea, now known as Southern Iraq, a male could divorce his wife by simply writing a letter to his father-in-law. Yet if a woman said she no longer wanted her husband, she would be drowned.
  6. The Burgundians, an East Germanic Tribe, men could only divorce women in the case of adultery, violating a tomb or witchcraft. Women were not allowed to divorce and if they should abandon their home they would be drowned in a swamp.
  7. Divorce is illegal in Malta, The Philippines and the Vatican. The Philippines will not recognize a divorce from another country.
  8. Twenty years after divorce, many men have reported still not knowing what they wanted out of life (a good reason for a divorce coach).
  9. The divorce rate for second marriages hovers around sixty percent.
  10. On the average, someone gets divorced every twelve seconds.
  11. Thirty-three percent of males and fifty percent of women stay angry ten years after their divorce.
  12. An affair which ends up in marriage is twice as more likely to end up in divorce.
  13. After divorce ,females have more difficulty in starting a relationship then do males.
  14. Marriages are less likely to end in divorce with couples who earn more money, have higher levels of formal education and are older.
  15. The possibility of divorce increases by seventeen percent when a couple has twins.
  16. The probability of divorce increases if a husband or wife gains twenty percent additional body weight.
  17. Males are twice as likely to suffer from depression and a heart attack after divorce.
  18. During medieval times, couples who couldn't get along were locked in a tower until they worked out their problems.
  19. The Catholic Church has used St. Judith to perform marriage exorcism with couples who were not suited for each other.
  20. Women over the age of thirty are forty percent less likely to marry.

Some surprising, and not so surprising divorce facts.

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