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There are many issues which are encountered during an uncontested divorce. With the recent changes in the last few years of the economy, home loss and high unemployment rates have had a significant impact on divorces in Pennsylvania. Here is a list of four factors which have had strong impact on divorced and divorcing couples.

The recent downturn in the economy has caused single parents to change homes. This has also had and aggravating affect on the divorce rates. More single parents are not only changing cities, but moving into states where he/she had never before considered. It has become necessary now in order to secure an income and to survive. As a result, children have been challenged with leaving friends and family behind, starting a new school and saying good-bye to common visits by the parent who moved away. When creating your marital settlement agreement consider how you might want to handle parental responsibilities should one party may have to move.

In our recent history, social media and technology has become a considerable factor in divorce. Individuals have been more open online about what they may not want their spouse to know. People have engaged in posting incriminating pictures and statements on their Facebook to sexting. For those unfamiliar with the term sexting, it's the act of sending sexually explicit photos or text between cell phones. Many courts are allowing these types of bad social media behaviors to become evidence in divorce proceedings.

At the top of the list of issues which have dramatically affected divorce over the recent years is money. More people have lost their homes, taken a second mortgage, and have lost the equity in their home. Also, their once secure pension and retirement plans have been either substantially reduced, or in many cases, lost entirely. Couples have also found themselves in a piling debt of credit card bills. Often the credit cards were used to "get over the hump", but families have found themselves in financial crises much longer than anticipated. A properly drafted marital settlement agreement can help you to have a plan of how you want your home to be handled so it doesn't become a financial burden after the divorce.

Many Pennsylvania couples have turned to divorcing without a lawyer because they feel that all divorces are outside their financial reach. These scenarios have often backfired on couples and have ended up costing them more money than it would have cost to hire an attorney in the first place. Not only have papers been misfiled, but couples have not understood how to systematically go through a marital settlement agreement and have overlooked significant financial factors. We fix many of these types of divorce problems on a regular basis.

With Attorney Jim Cairns you can receive an affordable divorce and get your divorce done right the first time. You can also request a marital settlement agreement questionnaire to help guide you through the questions and issues you will need to address in the property and debt division process. Attorney Cairns is available for a free initial consultation, where you can ask questions and better understand how he can help you with a simple, uncontested, no-fault Pennsylvania divorce. Call Attorney Jim Cairns for a free consultation at 888.8636.9115.

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