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Emotions tend to run on high when going through a divorce. You can expect that there will be many days when it will be easy to make mistakes because you are angry or upset. Here are three simple but critical divorce reminders to remember before you make matters between you and your spouse worse than they already are. Keep in mind you want to keep hostilities down so you can get through your martial settlement agreement and uncontested divorce with the least amount of hurdles. Lets face it, you have enough to deal with already.

Be prudent about what you put out on your social media circles. You don't want your uncontested divorce turning into a contested divorce because you Tweeted everyone self-incriminating evidence. Also, you don't want to post on photos that will make you look bad and cause your spouse to turn your divorce into a drawn-out court battle. Keep your divorce offline. Also, future employers may very well do a Google search on you; is this really want you want them to know about you?

Do not tell your spouse how you really feel about him/her. Think of yourself as an ambassador and keep the peace as best as possible. Remember you are going to have to negotiate with this person and you need to treat this like a business deal. Also, your spouse may try to trick you into threatening him/her. Don't take the bait. The last thing you need to deal with right now is a restraining order. Being diplomatic is especially important when you are working out the marital settlement agreement. There will be many negotiations ahead; for example, how often you get the kids, how you are going to split assets and debts, and even who gets to keep the dog.

Keep your new love interest private. Sure, at some point you are going to date again – it's expected. But, if you already have a special someone, keep him/her out of the picture. Think how about how your spouse is going to react when s/he sees your new "friend" with a gold necklace you just bought her/him. It might feel good in the moment, but how is that going to help you get what you want when you are negotiating your marital settlement agreement?

Pause, and think about how your behavior is going to affect you in the long run. Don't let a short-lived moment of vindictiveness get the best of you. Once you're ready to file for an uncontested divorce and/or martial settlement agreement contact Attorney James Cairns for a free consultation at 888.8636.9115.

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