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What appeared to be a rock-solid marriage has taken fans by surprise when news broke about Willa Ford and Mike Modano divorcing. In 2006 they became engaged after being together for more than four years, and after five years of marriage the couple has decided to call it quits. The couple sent out a joint- statement stating that they are remaining friends and wish each other success and happiness.

Amanda Lee Modano, stage name Willa Ford, is known from a series of her public works including: Playboy model, singer, songwriter, dancer and film actress. Most recently she has been on four episodes of MagicCity and has been reported that she is going to appear on the drama Leverage. She is also remembered for appearing in season three of Dancing with the Stars, where she made it to the fifth episode.

Mike Thomas Modano. Jr. is a retired professional hockey player who played for twenty-one years before hanging up his skates. His accomplishments include holding records for points and goal scoring in the NHL as a U.S. born player. This hockey legend has also established a foundation which supports and assists veterans, children and canines in the areas of educational, social, medical and protective services.

The couple seems to want to have a quiet and non-dramatic divorce, following in the more amicable type of high profile divorces like Tom Cruise and Stevie Wonder. It appears that the most we are going to hear about this divorce is that they had an amicable divorce and have quietly worked out a marital settlement agreement. Spotlight couples appear to be wanting to quickly work out their divorces and get on with their careers and family.

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