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Recent Posts in Adultery Category

  • Ethical Challenges Involved in Dating During Divorce

    || 28-Jan-2019

    If you’re on the road to divorce and you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about dating. Or, you think your soon-to-be-ex may start seeing other people once you split up. Is dating okay during a divorce? Read on as we address the “ethical challenges “involved and shed light on the subject. Pennsylvania is called a mixed state, which means married couples can ...
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  • Will Cheating Ruin My No-Fault Divorce?

    || 10-Dec-2018

    Did your spouse cheat on you? Or, are you the one who cheated? Either way, you may be wondering if you can still seek a no-fault divorce despite the fact that one of you did something wrong and hurt the other. In Pennsylvania, spouses can seek a fault or a no-fault divorce. While people certainly can seek a fault-based divorce on the ground of adultery, it’s actually a lot less popular. For ...
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  • Can I Date My Spouse During Our Divorce?

    || 9-Jul-2018

    When people think of divorcing couples, they almost assume that the husband and wife can’t stand to be in the same room together. They imagine that they can’t wait to physically separate and move on with their lives. But, is that really the case? Not always, and if you’re reading this, you may be able to relate to what we’re about to say. Some divorcing couples are still ...
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  • 7 Shocking Causes of Divorce

    || 9-Apr-2018

    When you think about the main causes of divorce, two things probably come to mind: 1) cheating, and 2) financial problems. While these definitely lead to thousands of divorces every year, they are not the only reasons why people file for divorce. A third common reason is poor communication, but there are other causes, some of which might shock you. A lot of people run to the alter because of an ...
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  • Getting Over the Affair to Achieve a Cheap Divorce

    || 22-Aug-2017

    If your marriage was torn apart by an affair, you have plenty of company. Unfortunately, adultery has become so commonplace that people are almost numb to it. Once a practice committed mostly by men, each year more (and more) women are cheating on their husbands. Many believe this increase has much to do with the fact that women no longer need their husbands for financial support, so they can end ...
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  • Adultery & a Pennsylvania No-Fault Divorce

    || 17-Apr-2017

    Some states, such as California and Nevada are called “no-fault” divorce states, meaning, people can’t get fault-based divorces in no-fault divorce states. Pennsylvania on the other hand, allows spouses to seek no-fault divorces and fault-based divorces. For the resident of Pennsylvania whose spouse cheated on them, this can get a little confusing. Suppose you’re married ...
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  • How Adultery Affects Alimony in Pennsylvania Divorces

    || 21-Nov-2016

    The fact that adultery affects thousands of marriages in the United States each year is nothing new. For most couples coping with adultery, the marriages do not survive. If your marriage has unraveled because one of you had a fling or a full-blown affair, you may be wondering if the affair would affect the innocent spouse's legal rights to alimony in the event of divorce. Every state handles ...
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  • Can I Date Before I'm Divorced?

    || 8-Aug-2016

    We are frequently asked, "Can I date while my divorce is pending in the courts?" Since our firm deals with simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces, where a divorce can be achieved once the 90-day waiting period passes, it's often a better idea to wait it out, but we understand that it's not always that easy. If you and your spouse agree to a no-fault divorce, that's great and ...
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  • Does an 'Emotional Affair' Count as Adultery?

    || 23-May-2016

    Ask any divorce attorney, and they will admit that a significant percentage of their divorce cases involve adultery. If your marriage was destroyed by an affair, it does not make your divorce stand out from other divorces. Instead, it means you fit right in. While many would argue that a Facebook affair or a string of racy text messages qualifies as "cheating," in the eyes of the law, ...
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  • How Adultery Affects Pennsylvania Divorces

    || 11-Apr-2016

    If your marriage is in trouble and adultery is a factor, you may be wondering if cheating has any impact on a Pennsylvania divorce – this is a valid question indeed. Cheating destroys many relationships and marriages each year. If your marriage has fallen apart because you or your spouse had an affair, you'll want to know if the cheating will affect spousal support, property division, or ...
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  • Dividing Marital Property in a Pennsylvania Divorce

    || 29-Feb-2016

    If you are headed for divorce and you and your spouse have accumulated assets during your marriage, you may be wondering about your rights to marital property, and it is only natural to want to know what you are entitled to. Did your spouse work while you were at home raising the children? Did you both work throughout the marriage? Or, have you been supporting your spouse all these years? If ...
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  • Starting a Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 15-Feb-2016

    Are you considering filing for divorce in Pennsylvania? If so, do you know what needs to be done in order for the process to get started? If you will be the one to initiate the divorce, you will be called the "plaintiff" and your spouse the "defendant." To begin, a legal document called a Complaint of Divorce will need to be filed at your local courthouse. The complaint will ...
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  • How Ashley Madison Membership Affects PA Divorces

    || 14-Sep-2015

    Ashley Madison, the controversial adultery website based in Canada has gained international attention in recent months after hackers released customer data, including names and home addresses of some 39 million users. The site known for its slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair" is not only the subject of a class action lawsuit requesting $578 million in damages, it's the sight that ...
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  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert 'Friendly' After Divorce

    || 3-Aug-2015

    Award-winning country superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert don't want their real-life divorce story to be anything like a sad country song. Two weeks after the country music icons announced that their four-year marriage was over, they are on good terms, according to Us Weekly. An insider told the magazine that there are no hard feelings, and that the former couple wants to move on as ...
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  • Can My Cheating Spouse Receive Alimony?

    || 30-Mar-2015

    There's no question that cheating leads to many divorces in the United States every year, and with old and new romances igniting on social media such as Facebook, it seems as if cheating is becoming more common than ever before. If your marriage has been destroyed by adultery, you may be wondering if the affair can affect your legal rights in a divorce. In states such as California and ...
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