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Clients of Cairns Law Offices can check the status of their divorce at any time via smartphone, cell phone, PDA device or computer—no snail mail communication, unnecessary courtroom or office visits or bothersome phone calls.

Since 1995, Pennsylvania no-fault divorce attorney James Cairns has practiced law, and has helped to provide a smooth transition for people who have decided to end their marriages. We efficiently and affordably move them through the simple divorce process, allowing them to move on and rebuild their lives.

To discuss your circumstances and the Pennsylvania divorce process, please contact us for a free initial phone consultation. You are under no obligation to retain our services.

Pennsylvania Uncontested Divorce Attorney James Cairns Guarantees* the Lowest Cost for an Uncontested Divorce — $219 Complete No Hidden Fees

We will match any price, because we want our clients to feel confident that they are receiving the best service at the best price. We know from experience that divorce can be an emotionally difficult process. Our goal is to move you through the simple, uncontested divorce process quickly, so you can move on and rebuild your life.

Our clients are busy people who would rather focus on their future instead of their past. Attorney James Cairns personally completes all Pennsylvania divorces affordably and efficiently. Your case will never be handled by a paralegal or junior associate.

We can provide expedited service and additional conveniences, such as:

  • Credit card and checking account payments (and money orders)
  • Spanish-speaking capability
  • No court appearances necessary
  • Regular status updates via e-mail
  • Fast and free phone consultations
  • No trips to the lawyer's office necessary
  • Prompt response to all e-mails or phone calls

Williamsport no-fault divorce attorney James Cairns has established a solid reputation for offering thorough, personalized legal representation since 1995.

We look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions about simple, uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania. Call us at (888) 863-9115 today!

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