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Steven Says Divorce Wasn’t His Choice  

Steven Crowder is a right-wing media personality that is best known for his work on YouTube. He has two primary channels: StevenCrowder and CrowderBits. The news of Steven Crowder and Hilary Crowder's separation sent shockwaves through the YouTube influencer community earlier this week. Both channels have millions of subscribers, and his content primarily includes political commentary and analyses as well as comedy sketches and podcast content.  

Steven Crowder’s Feelings About the Divorce 

When making his announcement, Steven shared that the divorce was not his decision. In previous commentary, Steven has repeatedly shared his dislike of Texas no-fault divorce laws, as he disagrees with divorce without a cause such as adultery or abuse. On his podcast, he said, “If you're a woman that comes from meager means, and you want to get wealthy — you've never worked, you didn't get a degree, you have no skill set, but you're good-looking—your best path to victory is simply to marry a man, leave him, and take half. We need to reform divorce laws in this country." 

Why Are the Couple Divorcing?  

The couple claims they have been involved in the divorce process since 2021. Hilary claims that she suffered from abuse from Steven for years before she pursued divorce. She says that the abuse was primary mental and emotional.  

At the end of April 2023, a journalist released a video of Crowder arguing with and disparaging his wife. The footage is from June 2021 and Hilary Crowder appears to be pregnant. While smoking on a sofa, Steven tells her she can’t use the car, doesn’t respect men, and should work to become worthy of being a wife.  

Low-Cost, Dependable Divorce Services 

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