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Is Fab Morvan Married?

Yes. Surviving Milli Vanilli member Fabrice Morvan is, in fact, married to Kim Marlowe. However, Marlowe filed for divorce from the singer and model on January 8, 2024.

The announcement, which came through a succinct press release, was met with an outpouring of reactions ranging from shock to empathy. Fans of the iconic Milli Vanilli member took to social media to express their support for Morvan, reminiscing about the duo's heyday and lamenting the personal challenges he now faced. The media, on the other hand, expressed some surprise.

This surprise was born out of the fact that the marriage was not very publicized or well-known, but the duo got married over 20 years ago. According to the divorce filing, Marlowe and Morvan were married on December 3, 1998, and Marlowe has documented their date of separation as January 2nd of this year.

This recent date of separation adds another element of confusion and surprise, as many media outlets have noted that Morvan has been very publicly shared and lived his life with his current partner, Tessa van der Steen, and their four children. He also currently lives with Tessa and their children in Amsterdam.

What We Know About the Divorce Thus Far

Outside of the marriage being little known and Morvan seemingly having a long-term affair, the other details of the divorce are pretty standard. Marlowe has filed on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and she has requested spousal support. In terms of property division, Marlowe has asked to determine a fair division once the discovery process is complete.

Little is known about Marlowe and Morvan’s relationship. However, in a 1997 interview with the L.A. Times about Milli Vanilli’s lip-syncing debacle, Marlowe was referred to as the musician’s friend and manager.

It is believed that Morvan and Marlowe primarily have a work-related relationship, as she was one of the executive producers of the Milli Vanilli documentary on Paramount+. At the film’s premiere, Morvan was photographed with both van der Steen and Marlowe.

Understanding Long-Term Extramarital Affairs

Long-term extramarital affairs are not a rarity in today's society, often bringing with them a plethora of legal implications, particularly when they are discovered during the course of a marriage. Reportedly, an affair that lasts for more than a year is deemed "long-term," and many of these relationships begin as causal relationships that quickly evolve into something more serious.

These affairs can disrupt families, relationships, and marriages, causing substantial emotional and legal fallout, especially in cases where the other party does not know about the affair. While Marlowe clearly knows about Morvan and van der Steen, it is still important to highlight how the discovery of an affair can impact divorce proceedings.

In some jurisdictions, a spouse's infidelity can affect the distribution of marital assets. Courts may consider the adulterous spouse's misbehavior when determining equitable distribution. However, this is not universal, and in most cases, wasteful dissipation of assets because of an affair is the only factor that can affect asset division decisions.

Alimony determinations can also be influenced by adultery. In some cases, a spouse who has been unfaithful may be required to pay more alimony. Conversely, a spouse who was the victim of infidelity may be awarded higher alimony payments.

Child custody decisions are always made with the best interests of the child in mind. While an affair might not directly impact these decisions, the behavior associated with the affair—such as neglecting parental responsibilities or exposing the child to inappropriate situations—could potentially influence custody determinations.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can play a significant role in mitigating the legal implications of extramarital affairs. These contracts can include "infidelity clauses," stipulating financial penalties for a spouse who engages in infidelity.

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