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Christina Ricci is an American actress best known for her roles in The Addams Family and Netflix’s Wednesday. She has won two Emmy Awards and has received multiple Golden Globe nominations.

In December 2022, Ricci finalized her divorce from her then-husband, James Heerdegen, after two years. In the final order, the couple agreed:

  • to split any profits made from the sale of their homes in LA and New York and royalties and her residuals from Ricci’s work,
  • that Ricci would pay for their son’s private school tuition and medical costs,
  • that the couple would have joint legal custody, and
  • that Ricci would have primary custody (even though they will share physical custody).

Even with such an illustrious career (that began when she was just nine years old), Ricci recently revealed that she had to get a little creative when it came to funding her divorce. Ricci had to sell some jewelry and several Chanel bags to help fund the divorce.

Creative Ways to Pay for a Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and expensive process, but there are some creative ways to pay for it without breaking the bank—even if you don’t have any Chanel bags of your own. Here are seven ideas on how to fund your divorce:

  1. Take on freelance work or extra jobs to help offset the costs.
  2. Tap into any savings accounts you may have had since before your marriage.
  3. Utilize tax refunds or credit card rewards programs to cover some of the expenses.
  4. Negotiate with creditors in order to lower payments and free up more funds for the divorce costs.
  5. See if family members or friends would be willing to lend a helping hand financially during this time.
  6. Consider taking out a loan from the bank, if necessary, although interest rates may be steep so be careful when choosing this option.
  7. Look into community-based and other forms of financial aid that may be available in your area to help reduce the cost of divorce proceedings and fees associated with them.

Low-Cost Divorce Services

Getting divorced doesn’t have to break the bank or require you to get creative. Cairns Law Offices can help you file an uncontested, no-fault divorce for only $29 down and a final total of $299.

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