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Managing Gift-Giving as Co-Parents

While the holidays are about togetherness and joy, it is also synonymous with gift-giving. For divorced or separated parents, gift-giving can have an added layer of stress—but it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips to minimize the stress and potential arguments this holiday season:

  • Coordinate with one another. The joy of giving gifts can quickly transform into a source of stress if co-parents do not communicate and coordinate effectively. It's critical to set a budget and stick to it. This not only prevents overspending but also ensures fairness and avoids any unintentional competition between co-parents. By coordinating their efforts, co-parents can create a harmonious and enjoyable holiday experience for everyone involved. It prevents confusion, fosters better communication, and promotes teamwork.
  • Focus on your child’s wishes. Understanding what your child truly wants and values not only makes for more meaningful gifts but also reinforces their sense of being heard and valued. It shows them that their opinions matter and that both parents are attuned to their desires despite living in separate households. Prioritizing your child's wishes can help avoid unnecessary disappointments and foster a sense of unity and understanding.
  • Be mindful of each other’s traditions. Each parent may have unique customs or practices that they hold dear and want to share with their children. Recognizing and respecting these traditions not only honors the individual identities of each parent but also enriches the child's holiday experience by exposing them to a broader cultural spectrum. It cultivates an environment of mutual respect and understanding, which can significantly reduce potential conflicts or feelings of competition between co-parents.

It can also be a great idea to help your child get their co-parent a gift. Choosing the perfect gift for a co-parent can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Kids to Give Your Co-Parent

Here's a list of unique gift ideas that suit all budgets and occasions, including homemade options for those who love a personal touch:

Budget-Friendly Gifts ($10-$30)

  • Custom photo calendar. A calendar filled with family photos is a thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed all year round. You can easily create one online or at a local print shop.
  • Personalized keychain. Kids can choose a design or message that reflects their co-parent's personality or interests. It's a small but meaningful gift they'll carry with them every day.
  • Cookbooks. If your co-parent loves to cook, a cookbook featuring their favorite cuisine could be a hit. Kids can even bookmark recipes they'd like to try together.

Mid-Range Gifts ($30-$60)

  • Custom portrait. Hire an artist to create a custom portrait of the family. This personal and creative gift will surely be treasured. Etsy has many affordable personalized gift options.
  • Spa gift set. Everyone appreciates a bit of pampering. A set with bath bombs, lotions, and candles can help your co-parent relax after a long day.
  • Personalized jewelry. A piece of jewelry with their child's initials or birthstone can be a touching gift for a co-parent.

High-End Gifts ($60-$100)

  • Fitness tracker. If your co-parent is into health and wellness, a fitness tracker can be a practical and appreciated gift.
  • Online course subscriptions. For co-parents who love learning, an online course subscription like MasterClass or Coursera can provide endless entertainment and education.

Homemade Gifts

  • Handmade card. Nothing beats a heartfelt message written by hand. Kids can pour their feelings into a homemade card, making it a priceless gift.
  • Photo albums. Collect and print out favorite family photos to create a unique photo album. Kids can add captions to each picture for a personal touch.
  • DIY artwork. Let the kids express their creativity by painting or drawing a picture for their co-parent. It's a one-of-a-kind gift that will be cherished.
  • Homemade treats. Baking cookies or making homemade jam can be a fun activity for kids and a sweet treat for their co-parent.

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