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Who Is Marvin Gaye III?

Marvin Gaye III is the eldest son of legendary singer Marvin Gaye and his wife Anna Gordy Gaye. He is an EDM dance artist, and has released a single called "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". Recently, he has been in the news for filing for divorce from his wife Wendy at the end of March – just two months after being arrested for a domestic violence incident.

According to TMZ, Gaye III claims their date of separation is January 12th, which is the same date the domestic violence incident occurred. Reportedly, on that day, Gaye III physically assaulted his cousin (in-law) and wife following an argument.

Wendy claims that Gaye III choked her and lifted her by the neck. Seeing this, her cousin intervened. Gaye III then grabbed and threatened the pair with a gun as they fled the property. After the incident, Wendy Gaye filed for a restraining order.

Soon after the incident, Gaye III turned himself over to the police and was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and felony assault with a deadly weapon. However, he posted bail and was released.

According to court documents, Gaye III has listed the reason for their divorce as irreconcilable differences. He has also asked that Wendy not be awarded any spousal support.

How Domestic Violence Can Affect Pennsylvania Divorce

Domestic violence has a significant impact on the divorce process, and it is essential to understand how it can affect divorce proceedings in Pennsylvania. Below, we will provide a detailed analysis of how domestic violence can impact the divorce process in Pennsylvania.

Domestic Violence & the Divorce Process

The divorce process can be delayed if there are allegations of domestic violence. The delay can occur because such allegations will be investigated, and in some cases, the court may order a temporary restraining order or emergency custody orders (if children are involved).

Domestic Violence & Protection Orders

If the victim/survivor-spouse feels unsafe or is in danger, they can obtain a protection order from the court. This order can restrict contact between the parties or even force the abuser to move out of the home. The court may also order the abuser to undergo therapy, counseling, or attend anger management courses.

Domestic Violence & Property Distribution

In Pennsylvania, marital property is divided equitably. However, domestic violence can affect the distribution of property during a divorce. If the domestic violence resulted in a misuse or dissipation of marital assets, the victim/survivor-spouse may receive a more significant share of the marital property.

The court may also order the abusive spouse to pay restitution to the victim for the loss of assets. If it is proven that the abuse impacted the other spouse’s earning abilities, that can affect how the court distributes assets as well.

Domestic Violence & Spousal Support

Pennsylvania law allows for spousal support payments to be awarded to help either spouse maintain their lifestyle and support themselves following a divorce. According to Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute § 3701, a factor in determining alimony is marital misconduct.

If domestic violence occurred during the marriage, this can play a crucial role in determining alimony; for instance, if the abuser was financially abusive and/or prohibited the other party from having gainful employment, the other party may receive alimony.

Domestic Violence & Child Custody

The custody of minor children in Pennsylvania is determined based on the child's best interests. Domestic violence can significantly affect the court's determination of custody because it puts the children's safety and well-being in question. If one parent has a history of domestic violence, they may not be awarded custody or may only receive supervised visitation.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence in Pennsylvania, help is available 24/7 through the National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can call 1-800-799-7233 or chat online at for support and safety planning. Additionally, Pennsylvania is the home to several local domestic violence programs that provide assistance to victims of abuse, including counseling and referrals. YWCA has multiple locations across the state and offers a wide range of services, including emergency shelters.

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