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Robin Wright is an actress best known for her roles in Forrest Gump, House of Cards, and The Princess Bride, and she first gained popularity because of her role as Kelly Capwell in the soap opera, Santa Barbara. Wright recently filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Clément Giraudet. The couple also does not have any children together, and the couple has a postnuptial agreement, which should make the divorce process fairly simple.

Reportedly, Wright filed the papers on September 22nd, and the couple’s date of separation is listed as July 31st. Wright has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce. To date, Giraudet has not filed a response yet; however, as we mentioned, the postnuptial agreement should simplify the process.

What Is a Date of Separation?

The date of separation refers to the date that a couple begins to live separately. While a couple may not literally stop sharing a home (especially in today’s market), living separately and apart means that the couple has stopped cohabitating in some way. Legally, cohabitation concerning divorce does not relate to living together but refers to the mutual support and intimacy between of a couple and/or spousal duties and privileges of spouses.

Why Does the Date of Separation Matter?

Establishing your date of separation is important because it can affect your property division settlement. After your date of separation, the assets and debts you acquire will not be considered marital assets and debts, which are subject to division. Your date of separation also determines when mandatory waiting periods concerning when you can obtain a divorce begin.

Sometimes spouses disagree on what their official date of separation is. If you cannot agree on your date of separation, the court will have to decide on the date. In most cases, they will make your date of separation the day that you filed for divorce. However, they may look at the following factors (if they can be proven by either party) to determine when you legally separated:

  • When either party moved out (of the home or shared room)
  • When either party opened a separate bank account
  • When the couple stopped consummating their marriage
  • When the couple stopped marital counseling
  • When either party started sharing they were separated with other people

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