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After 13 years of marriage, Tom Brady and Gisele have decided to go their separate ways and have filed for divorce. As of writing this post in November, the divorce has been finalized. While terms of their custody and property division settlement are confidential, TMZ reports that the couple completed a “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.”

Who Are Tom Brady & Gisele?

Tom Brady is a renowned NFL player with six Super Bowl wins under his belt. While he is best known for his time as a quarterback for the Patriots, he is currently a player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gisele Bündchen is a Brazilian fashion model and is one of the highest-paid models in the world.

While Gisele’s net worth is reported about $400 million, Brady is only worth about $250 million. Brady’s NFL salary is also $30 million. In 2012, the model was named as the top-earning model by Forbes magazine. In recent years, Gisele has launched several product lines and published a memoir, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life.

Cheating Rumors, Brady’s NFL Career, & Other Reasons for Their Divorce

While Gisele filed the initial divorce petition, Brady did not contest the filing. However, days after the news of the seemingly amicable divorce broke, Brady shared in an interview that he was open to attending therapy and marital counseling.

The reason for the divorce is listed as irreconcilable differences. However, many online sources have speculated that there are other reasons that led to the divorce.

Initially, people believed that Brady may have been unfaithful as the couple was seen fighting months before the divorce. A source later clarified that the couple was struggling and constantly fought about Brady’s decision to rejoin the NFL and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after only retiring for a month.

Later, the public considered whether Gisele committed infidelity as not even a month after the divorce she has seemingly begun a new relationship. The supermodel is moving on with Joaquim Valente, her jiu-jitsu instructor, and the two have been spotted having dinner and spending time together in Costa Rica.

Valente and Gisele are believed to have met after Gisele did a photo shoot with his brothers in 2021. However, no details concerning whether their relationship contributed to the divorce or Brady’s initial decision to retire have been confirmed.

In addition to cheating speculation and Brady’s return to the NFL, there are other reasons the couple may have split. Here are a few things that the couple has shared about their relationship that can speak to the deterioration of their marriage.

  • After the birth of their first child in 2018, the couple reportedly struggled with their relationship. In her memoir, Gisele discusses how the exhaustion and overwhelming emotion that comes with being first-time parents can impact how nice of a partner you are. While you are tired together and suffer together, you can still be short with one another as well.
  • In 2019, Brady opened up in an interview about how Gisele isn’t a huge sports fan. He felt that he had to tether her and hold on hard to keep her interest.
  • In 2020, Brady acknowledges that they had marital issues a few years ago when she felt alone and abandoned during the football season.

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