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Divorces that involve children can take a toll on your entire family. Because of the divorce, family dynamics, daily routines, and even the holidays will be different in the coming years.

You should acknowledge that the holidays are different; even if you and your ex are amicable, you will likely not be spending the holidays together, and your children may be spending the holiday or part of the holiday away from you. Discussing what the holiday co-parenting schedule is and how the holidays will look different, with your children, is important as you don’t want to avoid expressing how you feel about the changes.

Making the Holidays Special After Divorce

In discussing the holidays with your children, you should also consider including them in your holiday planning. While your traditions and plans may have changed, you can still make the holidays post-divorce special by creating new traditions and asking for your child’s input concerning what activities they would like to do and how they’re feeling about the holidays.

Potential New Holiday Traditions & Activities

If you are looking for ideas for new holiday family traditions, here are a few ideas that you and your family may enjoy:

  • Plan a trip. Whether you have a family staycation or travel to a vacation destination, families can enjoy spending the holidays traveling and exploring together.
  • Visit family. A great new tradition can be to ask family members if you can spend the holidays with them; being surrounded by family can be good for you and your children.
  • Give back. During the holiday season, many charitable organizations need help and volunteers. Helping spread joy and help others can not only help lift your spirits but can also help teach your children the value of offering a helping hand to others.
  • Do holiday shopping together. If your family gives gifts, you and your child can shop for everyone else’s gifts together. You can also try a new craft to try and make homemade gifts as a tradition.
  • Attend holiday-related shows or events. From seeing holiday decorations to going to snowman-building competitions, you and your family can enjoy local holiday activities.
  • Repurpose old traditions. Just because your family and the holidays look different, your traditions don’t have to change. Co-parents can discuss what old traditions they still want to do with your kids and consider doing them together or at each household.

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