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With no-fault divorce and irreconcilable differences, married couples rarely have to give a “reason” for their divorce. This does not stop some couples from telling the court exactly what caused their split.

Buzzfeed and Marie Claire talked to divorce attorneys and scoured legal records to find out the craziest reasons for divorce. They included:

Being a Bad Cook

One man filed for divorce when he found out his delicious, home-cooked meals were ordered in from different restaurants, racking up a huge takeout bill. The wife even “dirtied” pots and pans to make it look like she cooked the meals herself.

Another man divorced his wife when he watched her cook and found out frozen menstrual blood was the secret ingredient to her spaghetti sauce.

Winning the Lottery

A man once pranked his wife by posting a fake lottery ticket (with the winning numbers) on the fridge. She checked the numbers, told her husband they didn’t win, packed her bags, and took the kids. Days later, when she realized the tickets were fake, she came back and cursed out her husband.

The husband knew right then and there that he had to divorce her.

Having a Bad Memory

Another man divorced his wife because she couldn’t remember how he took his coffee. He told his lawyer that his wife asked him how he took his coffee every morning for 7 years.

Bad Bathroom Habits

One woman divorced her husband for using too much toilet paper, and another man divorced his wife for leaving stains on the toilet bowl.

Yet another woman divorced her husband because he refused to build a toilet in their house, and another woman still filed for divorce because her husband did not shower for 8 weeks.

In-Laws Being Too Close for Comfort

A woman had to divorce her husband because he was still living with his mom. A different woman divorced her husband when he brought his mother on their honeymoon.

Talking Too Much

In 2012, a woman filed for divorce from her husband because he talked too much and couldn’t keep a secret. She said she couldn’t trust him.

Donald Trump

A 73-year-old woman left her husband of 22 years when he voted for Donald Trump. The former White House Communications Director’s wife divorced him as soon as she found out he was set to work for Trump.

Mismatches in the Bedroom

One man divorced his wife because she was born without a vagina, and there are multiple stories of women divorcing their husbands because their penises were too big.

One woman said the sex was fun at first but then became too much work, and the other, who waited until marriage to have sex with her husband, described the encounter as a “nightmare.”

The Reasons Behind a Divorce Are Painful Enough…

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