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Ideally, when you’ve decided you want a divorce, you hope that your husband or wife takes the news well. Most people aren’t celebrating their divorce, but it’s not uncommon to feel relieved. These feelings of relief and happiness are more common in divorces that were contentious or violent. Domestic violence has been a serious problem during the pandemic, and violence during marriage typically spills over into divorce proceedings.

4 Tips for Handling Your Divorce From a Violent Partner

If you’ve experienced violence, threats, or verbal abuse during your marriage, you should make certain to protect yourself during the divorce.

There are many important things you’ll need to keep track of during your divorce, and we’ve listed 4 more things below:

  • Create and Fund an Exit Strategy: Exiting an abusive marriage can be difficult if you aren’t working or your spouse is controlling. This tip is number one because it can be the most challenging step, and it may take time to put together a strategy while secretly saving the necessary funds to execute it. However, it’s important to try to complete this step. When you leave your spouse, you’ll need money and a safe place to stay.
  • File for Protection: If there has been a pattern of violence and threatening language in your marriage, then you should begin your divorce by working with your attorney to be granted a protective order. A protective order in Pennsylvania can be obtained through a hearing. If there is proof you are in imminent danger, the judge can issue an emergency protective order, which covers you until the court can hear your case for an ex parte protective order. Eventually, you can be granted a final protection from abuse order. This process isn’t immediate, so the sooner you begin filing this paperwork, the better.
  • Document and Gather Evidence of Domestic Violence: As we mentioned, a judge will need proof of violence for a final protection from abuse order, which means you need to document everything. Make a note of the type of violence, the frequency, and the medical records to accompany the incidents if applicable.
  • Never Meet Your Abuser Alone: Once you’ve put the ball in motion to divorce your abusive spouse, you need to refrain from being alone with them. If you must meet with your spouse for time-sharing with children or reasons related to the divorce, you should always meet in a public place with many other people around for your safety. A public place by itself is not enough. You want a busy public place where you would have the safety of many eyes and ears. Even if the people around are strangers, your abusive spouse is less likely to try to harm you in a busy public space.

Cairns Law Group Provides Divorce Representation in Pennsylvania

In situations with violent partners, you want an attorney who will work as hard as possible to meet your needs. At Cairns Law Group, we realize you want a divorce settlement without all the hassle and stress of traditional litigation. Domestic violence can make divorce dangerous and stressful, call us today at (888) 863-9115 to schedule a consultation or for more information. 

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