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The Covid-19 pandemic has upended many parts of daily life, from work to grocery shopping. Many couples found themselves considering divorce before the beginning of the pandemic, only to have it put on hold due to quarantine and mandatory shutdowns. When a partnership is over, the best solution for the situation is to seek a divorce, but what about now during the pandemic? While the legal system has been slowed in some respects, it’s not like other industries that have shut down completely.

3 Ways Divorce Has Changed During the Pandemic

Now that you know you can get a divorce, you need to know how the divorce landscape has changed in the country during the pandemic. Most divorces couples will find the process has slowed considerably, which means you may have to be married a little longer. The key is to start the process as soon as you know you’re sure about the divorce.

Here’s what you can expect once you’ve filed for divorce post-Covid-19:

  • Cost-Prohibitive Delays: Divorces have long been a long and tedious process, and the global pandemic has made wait times longer and more expensive in some cases. Many courts have switched to virtual proceedings, and while that may save time, it’s still time-consuming and prone to trial and error. Additionally, attorneys and associated staff are left spending hours filing hard copies of paperwork that cannot be electronically submitted. All of the time spent waiting for court dates or waiting to submit hard copies of divorce documents is time spent paying for legal services.
  • High vs. Low Priority Divorces: While it’s understandable your divorce is extremely important and a priority to you, the court system may not agree. With so many backlogged cases, some divorces will take priority, like domestic violence cases. In addition to case priority, some courts are doing virtual-only hearings, which means an even more limited daily case schedule. With a limited number of court dates and time slots, the number of high-priority cases will take precedence over more simplified, straightforward divorces.
  • The Pricey Fast Lane: The pandemic has seen the rise of the new pricey fast lane divorce. If you can afford to hire a private judge, you can expedite your divorce by securing the services of a retired judge who can oversee your divorce hearing. This pricey alternative can cost as much as $800 per hour. A private judge has no other cases on their docket, and they are available whenever a paying client is ready. For clients who can afford the costs, this option is very attractive.

If you want a divorce during this confusing time, you can still obtain one, but the process may look different than it has in the past. You don’t have to put off till tomorrow what you need to do today.

What Does This Mean for Your Pennsylvania Divorce?

Divorce is hard, and this pandemic means the process can be complicated and long. With all the delays and expenses associated with a long divorce process, divorce alternatives and no-fault divorces are even more appealing than ever. At Cairns Law Offices, we specialize in no-fault divorces for only $299. If the idea of a low-cost, amicable divorce appeals to you, contact us today to get started! Call us today at (888) 863-9115 to schedule a consultation

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