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At Cairns Law Group, our attorneys work to help you avoid the pitfalls that can slow down your divorce and allow you to complete the process with ease. By beginning early and working with a seasoned team of divorce experts, you can ensure they are filed with the court of jurisdiction in your case. Divorce is not always straightforward, so complications can arise that require legal representation and advisement.

Fighting: You may be wondering why your divorce is taking so long to be completed. You may be asking who is to blame. The answer is you or your spouse. It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to let emotions get the better of them. The problem is these complicated emotions can slow down your divorce because fighting is time-consuming and exhausting. Negotiating a divorce is hard when you are fighting and purposefully causing delays and arguing over every issue.

System Delays: The court system doesn’t move quickly. The legal process to get divorced takes time. The court has rules and waiting periods put in place for a reason. Even if you know you want to get divorced on Monday doesn’t mean your marriage can be over by the end of the week. If you opt for a traditionally litigated divorce, every motion filed with the court has deadlines and advance notices and time requirements. Nothing is instant. You also have to contend with the other couples getting divorced too. The court calendar could be full when you file to have your marriage dissolved, which will place you at the mercy of scheduling. The system moves at the pace that it’s capable.

Stalling: There are any number of reasons why one party in a couple may be stalling over the course of a divorce. One party could be trying to win back the affections of the other. Another spouse could be trying to hide assets and move money around to make it more difficult to share in the proceeds of the marital estate. If your financial situation is complicated and you have a lot of assets, it can take considerable time to divide them and negotiate debts with your divorcing spouse. Some assets are harder to negotiate, like your family home or retirement accounts. While every couple doesn’t have massive financial portfolios, most couples have assets they are both attached to and would like to keep. It’s not uncommon for one party to drag their feet in hopes of changing their partner’s mind.

Asset Valuations: If you have expensive items that don’t have an easily determined market value, it can be complicated to complete the property division phase of your divorce. Certain items, like artwork, family businesses, antique collections, and homes, can require expert valuations to determine their market value. Proper valuations require examination, and then a report will be drafted that outlines the value of the property in question. If you have one asset that is this complicated, then it shouldn’t be a serious problem. But, if most of your assets are difficult to evaluate, the process will take time.

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It can be frustrating when you realize that your divorce is off track and has become a long and time consuming process filled with ups and downs with no end in sight. An attorney can help you keep your divorce on time and under budget. When you're not familiar with the legal process, navigating a process as detailed and specific as a divorce can seem impossible, which is why hiring an attorney early into the process can help.

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