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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s marriage has finally ended. It took the couple over ten years to finalize their divorce after a 25-year marriage. The couple married in 1986, and after Schwarzenegger was caught in a cheating scandal, Shriver filed for divorce in 2011. While the details of Schwarzenegger’s infidelity were splashed all over news and tabloids, the couple never spoke about the divorce in public and chose to handle the process privately. There haven’t been any declarations to clarify why it took the couple so long to finalize their divorce. It seems as if the divorce didn’t move for more than a decade. After the initial filing, the was little to no movement on the case until June.

Hollywood Confidential: A Private and No Tabloid Divorce

The details of their settlement agreement and financials were sealed and kept confidential, which is an additional interesting detail. With all their children grown into adults, the couple was not left with many difficult topics to negotiate. Neither party sought spousal support, but they left the option to revisit the subject openly in case either party changed their mind. Schwarzenegger made a fortune in action and thriller roles until he took a break from acting to serve as governor of California for two terms.

When Schwarzenegger married Shriver, he was already on his way to serious stardom. While he was the more recognizable name, Shriver is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a younger sister of President John F. Kennedy. Shriver’s dad, Sargent Shriver, headed the Peace Corps and was on the national ticket in 1972 as a vice-presidential candidate. While not as big a name as her famous husband, Shriver worked as an award-winning journalist and correspondent on NBC and the popular program, Dateline. Once Schwarzenegger decided to run for governor, Shriver was forced to leave NBC. After his tenure was over, she resumed her career in journalism, producing stories for NBC and fighting for charitable causes she supports. In 2018, she wrote an unofficial memoir, which went on to become a bestseller. Schwarzenegger and Shriver have four children together, the youngest is 24, and the eldest is 32.

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