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Hearts Breaking Under Pressure

The life of a celebrity is envied by many, but the Marriage Foundation found one reason to be thankful for a normal lifestyle. According to the UK group’s evaluation of 488 star couples married between 2001 and 2010, the celebrity divorce rate during the first 14 years of marriage is twice that of non-celebrity UK couples, with a whopping 50% of celebrity marriages ending in a split. Why are celebrities, who from the outside seem to have everything, more likely to divorce?

The Haste

While not exclusive to celebrities, the speed with which stars typically enter relationships can prove problematic long-term. Hastiness leads to the same issues among famous duos that anyone would face in this situation, with the pair feeling as if they don’t really know the other and ultimately questioning their compatibility after the infatuation subsides.

The Jobs

Celebrities have jobs that require frequent travel which puts a strain on a relationship, especially when both individuals are public personalities. With two tiring travel schedules, it can feel like a long-distance relationship even when the two reside in the same home. Such an arrangement is hard to maintain for even the most compatible of couples.

The Spotlight

Social media is a significant added stressor for the stars. With their every move publicized and subsequently scrutinized, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

The Ability to Split

Unlike many struggling marriages among the couples’ fanbases, celebrities are able to pursue divorce more frequently because of their economic position. They will not be financially impacted by a divorce as they do not rely on the other’s income. This gives them the freedom to leave when things fall apart, ridding any pressure pushing them to stay together for the sake of their wellbeing.

So, while non-celebrity couples may still yearn for fame and fortune, they can remain grateful for the riches afforded to them in their love life.
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