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Deciding if Your Soon-to-Be-Ex Is Roommate Material

If your marriage is heading for divorce, it’s likely that you and your spouse are, to some extent, incompatible. Beyond that making it difficult to share a life with them, it could present challenges as you share a home with them. Consider these points when deciding when the appropriate time to move out is.

Financial Situation

Financial stability often plays a large role in whether moving out before your divorce is practical. If you can comfortably afford to find a new place immediately, and the conditions at home become intolerable, it could be a reasonable time to go.


Your home life will also determine whether staying or leaving the house is best. Even if you and your spouse aren’t on fantastic terms, if you are able to cohabitate while remaining civil, staying together temporarily until the finalization of your divorce could be manageable.


If you and your partner have any children, remaining in the same home could allow you to preserve the status quo. It could offer some stability to your kids while you each iron out your housing plans for after the divorce.


Your safety is paramount. If you feel as though you would be in danger if you stayed with your partner, you should leave immediately. If you do not have your own housing arrangements sorted yet, contact family or friends who could help protect you at least temporarily while you sort the next steps.

Get the Legal Help You Need

It’s important to understand that your spouse cannot force you to move out, nor you them, unless either of you have applied for and received a protective order. If neither of you have, then it is up to you to decide if and when to move out of the marital home based on what is best for you and your family.

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