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Now that it’s December, we’re deep in the holiday season. It’s that time of year where we drink hot cocoa, gather around the fireplace, exchange gifts, and enjoy big holiday dinners with family. While the holidays can bring warm feelings and cheer for most people, when you’re a parent getting a divorce, it can be a different story.

Suddenly, the divorcing parent is worried they won’t have their kids during Hanukkah or Christmas or they fear they won’t be able to honor family traditions. If you’re getting a divorce and you’re concerned about child custody and the holidays, you’re not alone. Just about every parent going through a divorce has concerns about it.

Your Questions Answered

As a divorce firm, we get a lot of questions about child custody during the holidays. Here, we answer the most common questions from clients:

When is child custody during the holidays addressed? When divorcing parents create a divorce agreement, they must make arrangements for child custody. Child custody agreements typically address spring break, summer vacation, and child custody over the holidays. You and your spouse will need to hash all of these out before the judge signs off on your divorce.

Is there any way to ensure I get to see my kids on the holidays themselves? If you have a low-conflict situation and you get along well with your spouse, it may be best to continue celebrating the holidays the way you always do – together. If you have a good relationship with your ex, there’s no reason to celebrate the holidays separately. And, as significant others enter into the picture, it may be good to invite them to celebrate the holidays with the family. This shows the children that everybody gets along and that there is no reason to leave anyone out.

What if I don’t want to see my ex at Christmas? If you are not comfortable spending any holidays with your ex, you can do what a lot of parents do: alternate holidays every year. For example, on even years you can get Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and on odd years you get the kids on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve and then rotate these each year with your ex.

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