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As a divorce firm that focuses on no-fault divorces, we work with spouses who have put their differences aside and agreed to negotiate a divorce settlement. Some of these couples already know what they want before they come to our firm, while others need some help in the negotiations department.

If you’re planning on seeking a cheap, no-fault divorce, we commend you for working toward a resolution and staying away from litigation. After all, divorce litigation is a protracted, costly process that is stressful and drains the marital estate. The alternative, a no-fault divorce, is definitely ideal if the spouses can agree to have one.

Encouraging a Positive Negotiation Process

If you’re not sure how to negotiate with your spouse, or if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be after, this article will help. Here are 9 tips for negotiating a divorce settlement:

  1. First, educate yourself on your rights under Pennsylvania’s divorce laws. You’ll want to learn all about asset and debt division, spousal support, child custody, and child support.
  2. Make sure you fully understand the one-year waiting period and how dating other people and continuing to live with your spouse can impact your divorce.
  3. Treat your divorce like a business transaction and leave your emotions out of the equation, even if your spouse hurt you by cheating or something similar.
  4. Treat your spouse with respect and ask him or her to do the same, even if it’s hard to do.
  5. Have open communication with each other. Do not hide financial affairs from your spouse because it will only backfire on you.
  6. Work towards a win-win settlement you can both feel good about.
  7. Outside of divorce negotiations, avoid speaking negatively of your spouse and your divorce. If you do, it can get back to your spouse and a collaborative divorce can quickly turn into a litigated divorce.
  8. Beware of getting too close to your spouse or falling into old patterns and using him or her as a sounding board during the divorce. This can confuse emotions and later complicate the divorce. It’s better to keep a safe, professional distance until the divorce is final.
  9. Stay organized with your financial documents – this helps everything move smoothly and saves time.

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