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Marriage in the military can be very difficult, especially upon young couples who have only been together for a short while. Young military families often have to deal with one deployment after the next and frequent moves while the non-military spouse has to maintain the household and the family all by themselves for months at a time.

Sometimes loneliness, adultery, or the strain of physical separation takes its toll on a military couple and before you know it, the marriage has fallen apart. If you are in the military or you’re a spouse of a service member, you may be wondering, “Can military couples obtain a cheap, no-fault divorce like civilians?”

You Can Have a No-Fault Military Divorce

At Cairns Law Offices, we provide low-cost, no-fault divorce services to civilians and military couples alike. So yes, military couples can have access to cheap divorces just like everybody else in Pennsylvania. However, there’s only one requirement: You and your spouse must agree to collaborate together to achieve a mutual consent, no-fault divorce. If you expect a child custody battle or a fight over property division or spousal support, unfortunately we won’t be able to help you.

We understand that while many aspects of a military divorce are similar to a civilian divorce, they are not identical. There are laws in place that protect a service member who is in another state or deployed abroad that ensure he or she is “served” divorce papers and does not have a default divorce. Special rules also apply to health care benefits, and military retirement payments under the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA).

As long as you and your spouse agree to an uncontested, no-fault divorce, our Pennsylvania no-fault divorce attorneys can help. If a divorce for just $299 sounds good to you, we invite you to contact our firm to learn all about our affordable military divorce services!

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