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Child support orders are not set in stone and, if you have a sufficient reason for it, modifications can be granted. These modifications can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. Therefore, if your child is in need of some extra financial help this fall and the payments your former spouse is currently making are not enough, you might be able to request a temporary modification to cover any extra expenses your child might have.

Some situations in which a temporary modification to increase child support might be granted include a child’s medical emergency, temporary loss of the custodial parent’s employment, or a medical emergency of the custodial parent.

Changing Your Child Support Order

Even if you and your spouse have agreed on the modification, you still need the same court that granted the child support order to officially grant the requested modifications. This means you will have to go before a judge and explain your reasons before the child support order can be changed. If you and your spouse disagree on the change, you will have to request a hearing where both you and the other parent will have to argue your case and present evidence that supports why the modifications should or should not be made.

Generally, the court favors keeping child support orders stable, so make sure your reasons for the modification are not on a whim, but rather based on a real need.

Child Support Attorney in Pennsylvania

At Cairns Law Offices, we do not represent clients engaged in custody battles, but rather focus on uncontested, no-fault disputes. Our internet-based services will enable you to save money and avoid the outrageous fees of a conventional law firm, no matter what type of family law matter you are facing. You deserve excellent, prompt, and affordable services.

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