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Here at Cairns Law Offices, we help spouses achieve simple, low-cost, no-fault divorces. In fact, we help spouses seeking a “mutual consent” divorce do it all for just $299. “Is it more expensive if I have children and need a child custody agreement?” No, it is not. As long as you and your spouse agree to cooperate and come to an agreement on child custody and property division, you can be divorced in no time at all for only $299. For most spouses distressed over the cost of divorce, they like the sound of that.

If you want to obtain a simple, no-fault divorce from our firm and you have minor children without your spouse, you and your spouse will need to work out a reasonable child custody arrangement that takes into consideration the best interests of your children. If you’re not 100% about how to reach the best child custody arrangement, here are some things for you and your spouse to consider:

  • Is a shared (almost equal) child custody arrangement a possibility?
  • Can you both live close to each other for the kids? For example, in the same school zone?
  • What are your work schedules?
  • Do you have extended family on either side that can help with childcare?
  • Is it possible to keep the children in the same schools?
  • Which parent has been caring for the children the most?
  • What is your children’s relationships like with you and the other parent?
  • How can you keep their lives as stable as possible?
  • Will one of you have to re-enter the workforce or go back to school?

In reality, nobody knows your children better than you do. Hopefully, you and your spouse already have child custody figured out, but if you’re still not sure of how things will turn out, we suggest going over the above list with your spouse and working towards a child custody arrangement that is in your children’s best interests. Often, the more contact children have with both parents, the better it is for everybody.

If you are divorcing in Pennsylvania and are confident that you and your spouse can work together to achieve a no-fault, mutual consent divorce, we encourage you to contact our firm. Even though we offer extremely affordable divorce services, that doesn’t not mean that we are any less available. Contact Cairns Law Offices today to learn how we can help you!

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