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It's February and love is in the air. You can't turn on your TV, walk into a store, or listen to the radio without being bombarded with commercials for flowers, sweet chocolates and fine jewelry.

As wives across America watch TV with their husbands, they're glancing over, hoping their husbands will "catch the hint" from the commercials and remember to make it a special day. A day filled with red roses, champagne, and candlelight dinners.

Would it surprise you to learn that for many couples, Valentine's Day has quite a different effect?

For some people, Valentine's Day isn't so much about love, it's about dropping the "D" bomb. Sounds strange, doesn't it? "Hey honey, thanks for acting like Valentine's Day doesn't exist, here are your divorce papers!"

As you can only imagine, while some celebrate their love on Valentine's Day, for others it's the day to pull the plug. Often, divorce filings increase around Valentine's Day for a couple of reasons. First, divorce filings surge in January after the holidays have passed.

Second, by the end of February, divorce filings tend to hit their year-round high. Partly because Valentine's Day comes with lots of expectations.

An unhappy spouse may file for divorce right before Valentine's Day because they're just not "feeling it" or a lackluster Valentine's Day may confirm what a miserable spouse already knew.

Think of how mad a wife would be if her husband kept forgetting their wedding anniversary. Imagine how she would feel when Valentine's Day was advertised all over TV, in every newspaper and at every store, but still, her husband didn't even get her a card.

When the entire country is celebrating Valentine's Day, other couples are taking a step back and questioning their marriage after an unromantic night, or a night they wished they were celebrating with someone else, or even alone.

We all know that there are people who embrace Valentine's Day and there are those who don't. Either way, when you put your love on a pedestal it can invoke some strong emotions. This is one of the reasons why divorces spike after Valentine's Day.

Love can be a beautiful thing, but when the marriage falls apart, be sure to get informed and seek representation from a good divorce attorney.

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