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Award-winning country superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert don't want their real-life divorce story to be anything like a sad country song.

Two weeks after the country music icons announced that their four-year marriage was over, they are on good terms, according to Us Weekly.

An insider told the magazine that there are no hard feelings, and that the former couple wants to move on as friends and that's exactly what they are doing.

While it's unclear if The Voice coach has seen Lambert since the July 20 announcement, on July 24, the exes exchanged friendly tweets when promoting Ashley Monroe's new album, who is a mutual friend of Shelton and Lambert.

During the friendly conversation on Twitter, the pair exchanged several lighthearted tweets to each other about Monroe's album, leading some users to wonder if the chat was merely a publicity stunt. According to Us Weekly, the back-and-forth on Twitter was 100% genuine.

The insider told the magazine that it was not a deliberate show to display a united front.

Since announcing their divorce, rumors have swirled as stories of adultery from both stars surfaced. Despite separate infidelity reports, the two have kept quiet about the cause of the breakup, with each attempting to return to their jobs and normal routines.

Last week, Lambert jumped onstage at Monroe's concern in Nashville and joined Monroe in singing "Heart Like Mine," a song written by Monroe and Lambert.

Meanwhile, Shelton was back on set taping The Voice.

Why Uncontested is 'Better'

Shelton and Lambert reportedly had an ironclad prenuptial agreement, which included provisions for the couple's many pets. The couple's divorce was handled in Oklahoma and according to reports, moved through the courts rather quickly.

It appears that the A-lister's split was amicable, meaning they successfully navigated an "uncontested" divorce, which we believe to be the best kind of divorce to have. Uncontested divorces are ideal because the parties agree to resolve their differences in a fair and respectful manner.

Beyond being less stressful, uncontested divorces are faster, less expensive and a lot less stressful for all parties involved, including any children from the marriage. As Shelton and Lambert have shown the world, divorce can be fast, friendly and amicable and that's what Cairns Law Offices is all about.

Are you interested in an uncontested divorce? If so, contact a Pennsylvania no fault divorce attorney from Cairns Law Offices for a free case evaluation!

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