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A recent study that examined the effects of online dating on relationships has revealed that while online dating makes a wider range of people available, it also makes it easier to break up with those people. Nearly 3,000 individuals took part in this study, which revealed that while people go on more dates, it can lead to less people finding long-term partners online.

The study revealed three important details of online dating:

  • It is easier to break up with people that were met online
  • There is a lower marriage rate amongst relationships that began on the internet
  • Too many relationship choices may be a bad thing

Online Dating Puts Options at the Fingertips

Couples that meet online are more likely to break up, in part because online dating creates the illusion that there are many potential partners literally at a person's fingertips. This can lead to people assuming that there is something better, if only they find them online quickly enough. A person that is slightly dissatisfied may be more likely to look elsewhere rather than work through concerns, especially with the rise of cell phone apps that can make looking for a partner even easy.

Due to the stigma surrounding the internet and online dating, it may take a person a lot longer to trust someone since there are no mutual friends or shared social networks. Combined with endless options, finding a long-term partner may actually be more difficult.

The increased likelihood for breaking up also means that there is a decreased chance an online relationship will lead to a marriage. Only 32% of couples that met online got married, compared to 67% of couples that did not use internet dating to meet.

For those Pennsylvania couples that met online and are now seeking a divorce, our quick and easy uncontested divorce process is here for you! Our firm offers inexpensive divorce options when a couple realizes that they are not meant to work in the long-term.

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