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Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made headlines earlier in August with their secret wedding. In high profile marriages that involve significant amounts of money, it is commonplace for couples to sign a prenuptial agreement before a marriage.

Cheating Clause in Prenuptial Agreement

With a combined net worth of over $420 million, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, with a very specific clause. Their agreement states that if Pitt has a serious relationship with another woman while the couple is married, Jolie will get primary custody of the couple's six children.

The couple's prenuptial agreement also makes sure to care for their separate property. In the event of a divorce, Jolie and Pitt will leave the marriage with the assets they brought into the marriage. Any assets that the couple may accrue during their marriage will be placed in a trust for the benefit of their children instead of being divided between the couple.

The couple also created an estate plan when they developed their prenuptial agreement. Their children will receive a majority of their wealth, while other funds will be directed to the orphanages where the couple's children were adopted and for cancer research.

The couple married at their wine estate in Southern France. They have been together since 2005, when they worked together on the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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